About PFG

Over a Decade of Helping You Pursue Your Goals

Prosperity Financial Group (PFG) was formed by Andrew Denney. We are an independent advisor firm providing fee-based advisory services through Resources Investment Advisors (RIA).

Our mission is to provide boutique-quality portfolio management services while harnessing institutional class capabilities. At PFG, we add value through prudent portfolio design, tactical asset allocation, regular client communications, and careful investment selection and oversight.

For over a decade, Andrew Denney has served as a financial advisor, managing assets for many clients. He began his financial advisory career working for an independent trust company that had more than $500 million in assets under management. Additionally, Andrew has worked as an advisor for an independent broker dealer as well. He is an honors graduate from Missouri State University with a degree in Finance with an emphasis in Portfolio Management.

At PFG, we work with both businesses and families. We have experience in helping companies evaluate group retirement plan options and manage company objectives with strategic plan development. We also assist individual and family clients by building personalized investment programs, evaluating their retirement plans, analyzing their insurance coverage, assisting with college funding, and advising on estate planning topics.