What type of securities and financial questions do you provide advice for?

We provide advice for all types of financial securities, including (but not limited to):

  • Stocks (related to your portfolio holdings)
  • Mutual funds
  • Bank deposits
  • Bonds
  • Variable annuities
  • Fixed annuities

At Prosperity Financial Group, we see ourselves as your one-stop, financial-advice shop. Whether you have financial questions on your mortgage, life insurance, retirement programs, stock options, or other inquiries, we're here to listen to your concerns and lead you down the best financial path possible.

We also ask clients to keep an open line of communication with us when any life changes happen, like getting married or divorced, buying a new home, having a baby, getting a new job, or planning on starting your own business. These major changes can affect your financial goals and profile, and we want to make sure we are working towards the most up-to-date goals possible for your life.

Our main point is this: if you have a financial question, don't hesitate to ask us. When we say that we want to provide guidance for your financial future, we mean it. We're here for you and for any questions you have.